Community Centre

The Community Centre consists of two buildings and an associated courtyard at the heart of Urambi Village.

One building has a full kitchen and dining area with room for 20 or more dining tables. This building, with its tiled floor, also is suitable for social functions. A storeroom runs off the kitchen. The second building (fireplace room), attached by a breezeway to the first, is on two levels and is carpeted. The fireplace contributes to its cosy atmosphere. The fireplace room has been equipped to hang art works.

In the courtyard is a barbeque within a brick tiled area.

Male and female toilets in the breezeway allow the Community Centre to function independently, and the two areas to be used concurrently by different users.

The facilities of the Community Centre are available for hire by Urambi Village residents at a nominal fee. Residents can hire the facilities on behalf of a person or organisation from outside Urambi.
To make a booking, go to the Urambi Community Centre booking calendar and enter your times and dates. Payment must be arranged before the booking can be confirmed. Louise Curham can also help with your bookings.

Payment should preferably be made by direct deposit (please make sure to get the account details correct), but you can also pay by cheque. Direct deposit is made into an account held by our managing agent, City Strata Management, on our behalf.

Bank account details for payments for the community centre are:
Name of account: UP119
Bank: Bank of Queensland
BSB: 124-367
Account: 22682971
Please include the phrase ‘ComCtr’ in your payment description.
The principle here is that events (even if they charge a fee, such as classes) add to the community amenity of the village. Rates are designed to cover costs of electricity and cleaning, and as an incentive to encourage community use, rather than as an income stream for the village. Rates can be negotiated for special events. The rates in the following table include GST.

Duration of rentalNon-resident, or resident for business useResident for personal use
Two hours$39.60$10.80
Half day$96.30$31.15
Full day$181.20$56.75
Weekend (including Friday)

Please note that events held by Urambi residents for the Urambi community and that attract no fees (classes, community events) will attract no charge for community centre use. Events sponsored by the Urambi Executive Committee for the village will also attract no charge.

A 10–15% reduction in fees could be applied to long-term users of the Centre at the discretion of the Centre manager.

The fireplace room has been equipped to hang art works, and use of the fireplace room as a gallery is negotiable for Urambi residents. Standard rates will apply for non-residents.

Deposits: Events where young people may be drinking will attract a deposit charge (based on experience with additional cleaning charges). Users of the Centre in arrears on their payments may be asked for a deposit for subsequent hirings, and if fees then are not paid they could be refused use of the Centre. Deposits accepted for events which do not proceed will be refunded, unless costs (such as cleaning) have been incurred in the interim.